Truth has triumphed in the end: Journalist Probir Sikdar after acquittal in ICT case

Today, a Dhaka tribunal acquitted Probir Sikdar, journalist in a case he was facing under the Information and Communication Technology Act (ICT) 2006.

Probir was being held on bail at the time, and Judge Mohammad Ash Sams Joglul Hossain from the Dhaka Cyber Tribunal issued the acquittal in his presence.

Probir expressed his gratitude to the journalists community and others following his acquittal.

He said that he would continue to protest wrongdoing in the country, even though he was alone, and added that the verdict from the court had boosted his courage.

He said that although he won the six-year-long legal battle but his personal life was devastated. He also stated that he had to sell land in the village to pay the legal fees.

He said, "Nobody gives you any work... I run the newspaper, but no one gives me any advertisements."

"But in truth, truth prevailed and I'm happy."


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